Web Development

Web Development

We specialize in various types of web development, starting with the basic business or personal profile page to more advanced(e.g., online store, warehouse management systems, customer retention systems, point of sale, etc...). Our team works with the latest web technology and standards to stay ahead of the competition.

Web Site Maintenance

BITCO LLC also specializes in maintenance. If you already have a website created and you're satisfied with its appearance but have a tough time with maintenance, we can help. Editing the live site can be costly to the business due to unplanned outages and other mistakes that can be made.

We deliver only the best processes to our clients. BITCO LLC uses a test environments for all sites which allows us to test all updates prior to deploying changes to production environment. Making changes only via maintenance windows. During the time when your site is visited the least allows for a smooth transition of changes to the live site in case client is not satisfied with the changes or has additional requests.

Please see some of our projects below.

For more information please contact web development specialist at dmitri@businessitco.com or call 248-390-8665